Fibre installation, fibre repair
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* A3 Hindhead Tunnel

* Isle of Grain- Medway

A3 Hindhead Tunnel

Project- Fibre Infrastructure to essential services

Special Resource- D&A testing, stringent H&S protocols

Client - FOC - P.Ducker/Balfour Beatty/Highway Agency


Onsite terminating and testing of complete fibre network

The Hindhead Tunnel consists of 1.8 Km twin bore infrastructure with 16 cross passages at approximately 110 spacing. At either entrance to the bores a control room is situated housing all necessary SCADA, CCTV, DTS and all other ancillary equipment.

The fibre network consists of 4 x 12 core single mode fibres routed the length of the tunnels between control rooms. 2 No 24 core single mode fibres, 1 East, 1 West bore, follow the route of the control room links but are also presented on patch panels at each cross passage within the tunnels. Through selective cross patching, the end user has full flexibility to enable optoional core use for all the essential service, such as, Lighting Control, PA, CCTV, SCADA, Traffic Control System, Fire Alarm and all other major systems.

Although a very difficult environment in relation to the dust and condensation build up, the project was again completed on time and within budget with all test results submitted to full industry standard, over 7000 traces dual frequency with light source and power meter readings.