Fibre installation, fibre repair
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* SCE Schools Cyprus

* LAN Upgrade Germany

* HMS Warrior

* Nato HQ

* LAN Replacement Catterick

* Horse Guards - London

SCE Cyprus Schools

Client: British Services Childrens Education ( MOD)

Project: Replacement of LAN to schools on the island of Cyprus

Special Resources: CRB Enchanced/ SC Clearance

As a result of several overseas MOD installations, SNS were contracted to replace the entire LAN infrastructure, including H.P. Gigabit switches and routers to all six British Services Schools on the Island of Cyprus.

Due to the volume of works, SNS carried out enabling works during the school term but outside of teaching hours. All major outages were carried out during school closures over either the Easter or Summer holidays. With over 60 buildings to connect via fibre optic and 4000 CAT6 outlets to install, all materials and plant were shippped from our UK offices and stored securely prior to the work force arrival.

With final commisioning completed 10 days ahead of schedule, this enabled serveral variations to be carried out pior to school commencing, thus resulting in any additional visits to the Island being eliminated.